Harp and a Monkey


'This multi-talented trio from Middleton and Ramsbottom have been gigging for a while now, putting in the hard yards in pubs and clubs across the county and beyond, gathering a loyal following in the process.
Harp and a Monkey can never be accused of writing songs which could be termed 'Christmas party favourites'. Their songs tell of molecatchers, the horrors of the Great War, care in the community and men digging holes.

But somehow, they produce rousing, heart-warming performances from this odd collection of material, underpinned by some fine musicianship. A glockenspiel, mouth organ, banjo, viola and of a course a harp, feature throughout their compelling performances.

Lead singer and multi instrumentalist Martin Purdy's voice lends itself perfectly to this gritty body of work and he clearly relishes his role. And he must be applauded for passionately reviving some long-forgotten old Lancashire folk songs, giving them a fresh indie twist.'

-extract from the Manchester Evening News


As part of their ongoing project to mark the centenary of the First World War, Harp and a Monkey have released a new video.'Raise A Glass To Danny' is the trio's tribute to a fellow musician: Daniel Laidlaw, "the Piper of Loos".





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