Peace through Folk celebrates Peace, Friendship and Reconciliation through folk music and related arts. Singing, and making music is a great way for ordinary people to make a difference. And it's a great way to spend time in good company. Singing has changed the world and can continue to do so.

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Sunday afternoon Peace through Folk concert

2.30 - 5.00 (Free admission)

Performers are to be invited to offer material in the form of Songs, Poems, Spoken Word and Tunes. We will start with WW1 and then move through the interwar years onto WW2 thence to more recent times. The Concert will conclude with an emphasis on Hope & Reconciliation.

From all the suggestions made a running order will be generated and all the acts will know when and how often they will be called on to perform.

The format of the Concert will be that the stage will be set up with a minimal PA of two "ambient" Mics stage-front at waist height and two Mics on boom stands at the rear and above the heads of the performers. After the briefest of introductions by the Host, the first act will enter the stage-left and perform their piece(s). They will then exit stage-right as the next act enters stage-left to perform with no introduction. At the half way stage there will be a short break.